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Do you think why this saying is used here?
If you have read our first article, you would know that it was all about the beauty of Russian brides! But we understand that only beauty cannot fulfill everything one wants! 
Sincere and happy relationship consist of so many different things!
How do you conquer a Russian lady? What kind of men does she prefer? What is she expecting from the romance with a foreign prince? How do you marry a Russian lady? Let's get straight to these questions!

So, how come are they so special?


 Russian women are magnificent not just as wives, but also as mothers. Most of them are wonderful cooks. The home feels definitely like home, because it always shines with cleanliness and complete order. A desire to take care of someone is inside their nature and character. Slavic women truly believe that if they do not have anyone to take care of, or no family whatsoever, they do not have any need to make something for just themselves. From our point of view, aren't those traits perfect enough to get married? 

Russian brides have strong and the same time easygoing character. No wonder, there is a saying that a Russian woman can stop the horse at a gallop and enter the burning hut. It means that Russian ladies can get truly desperate, but only in a good way. It means that they can do anything for the happiness of their nearest people. Russian ladies are strong morally, but they all dream to find themselves little girls, protected by masculine man. That is why they are so eager to get married!

What kind of men do they love?
Ladies from Russia prefer mature men, older that themselves. Please, do not be confused or surprised if 20 year old Slavic lady will find a 40 year old man interesting. Unlike Western women, who adore ideal shaped bodies and pretty faces, Russian women are fond of a different kind of "handsomeness". A belly does not create a problem, a man can be sexy even without press cubes. " A man should be slighter more handsome than a monkey" tells us a Russian proverb. What else can astonish the imagination of Russian bride - of course, a habit to smile a lot! Just try to show your bright and positive attitude, but watch the quantity, do not overdo!
Every man is looking for a good wife, to be happily married to! That is why creating a loving family is a goal for thousands of people!
Are you ready? And we would love to help you!

What is the difference between Slavic lady and European one? - Let's clear out this question!

Comparing Slavic, European and American ladies, you can always tell them apart, you can point out who is who. Slavic ladies have some special features in face, and we would like to underline them! So, why are you Russian ladies are considered to be the most beautiful? The answer is easy - they know how to treat a man, they are full of care, and they know how to behave right, unlike Western women. You can easily notice how the Russian woman is walking in skinny jeans, light fur coat, in heals with nice make up on when it's freezing outside and it's 8 am. Does she feel comfortable? Of course, not, but she is always thinking of the impression she is going to leave in the male mind. 

European countries are very progressive. A lot of ladies over there have forgotten of being a beautiful lady, who a man can adore, who's heart a man would really want to win. Why? They have completely different priorities. 
Those ladies tend to get as further as possible from the traditional style of a woman, they want to be treated just like men. But, this is the opposite of Russian ladies.  The European women wear make up only for business meetings, special occasions, where they need to attract attention to win a contract or a good deal for business. But special occasions happen a couple of times in a year, and what about the rest of the time?? 

There is one thing which unites all of the women on the planet - and it is loneliness! Russian single ladies are as unhappy, as European ones. 
So, there is a couple of interesting facts about Slavic women: 
- all of them are beautiful - Slavic nations did not have the Inquisition in the Middle Ages, which killed all of the beautiful women in Europe. As the result, Slavic women have fantastically beautiful 
gene pool
- Slavic women always take care of their appearance, they use make up and extravagant dresses, even when they just need to go to the grocery store to get a loaf of bread - what is the man of her dream will be waiting on her at the grocery store?
- Russian ladies are shy and humble on the outside, but passionate inside - you will just need to wake up the burning fire of passion, and she will rock your world

What should you look for in a lady? Where should you drag your attention? Only you can answer these questions, because everybody wants to have his own family well-being!

Why are Slavic girls so special?

Comparing Slavic girls to European or American girls, you always can say where the first ones are and where are the second ones. Slavic girls have some peculiar traits of character that we want to emphasize:

• they are all beautiful – Slavic nation did not have Inquisition in the medieval ages that murdered all pretty women in Europe – and the result is a fantastically beautiful gene pool

• even more than that, they always care about their outer appearance and use make up and fancy dresses even to take out the garbage or to buy a loaf of bread in the nearest store – what if a man of your dreams gonna wait for you in that very same store?

• they are humble outside but fiercely passionate inside – you only have to wake up this passion and they’ll detonate you as an erupting volcano.

How to win the attention of a Russian girl?

Russian girls are tricky and there is a super short list of must-do things actually to win a Russian beauty:

• don’t brag about money – many people brag about it but if you really have money, you’d rather act yourself silent; choose restrained and wise hints on your wealth instead like an expensive wrist watch or paying a bill in a fancy restaurant not going into details of the amount and without eye blinking

• be the one who knows what he wants from life, who is in the saddle

• you must know how to work with hands to fix a water tap, for instance; or else, you have to able to pay other people’s work to do that – choose either

• be attentive to a girl and give her gifts time to time, they not especially must be expensive

• never disclose your intimate life with this girl – Russian girls don’t tolerate that at all.

How to start life from scratch?

There are times when your life seems as if stuck in the Gordian knot of deadlocks. In this case, you have to reboot your life to start it from the scratch. To do it, follow these guidelines:

• let everything go – all you have had previously: work, friends, place of residence, your outlooks on life – and change everything, as soon as you are able to

• let everything fresh happen to you – you will not achieve anything if you will not get to try new stuff; the same is true for income – if you wanna earn big, you have to do business you’ve never been engaged in before

• life is not as a race to finish point – it as a process

• accept what is now and what is new

• be patient

• stop worrying, be thankful.