Online dating websites - Private policy

1. This Privacy Policy (hereinafter – “Policy”) is a set of rules defining the use of site (hereinafter – “Site”) and the provider of the site services BONCOM LLP (hereinafter – “Company”).

2. The company provides and the User accepts the services of the site in a way they are given and the user understands that they are given ‘as is’. The company does not bear any responsibility for the incorrect work, fault, or lost profit in any terms it may refer to because of the incorrect work of the site, its structural components, including algorithms and other parts of the software used on the site.

3. The policy describes the way how the user uses the site and how the company provides the site’s services to the user, handles user’s personal and other information.

4. The policy is a part of the documentation for the site and must be read fully by the user and understood before starting using the site. The user must agree to all parts of the policy to use the services of the site, otherwise, the user has to leave the site immediately upon disagreeing with the policy and never use the site before he or she agrees on the policy and its exceptional power to use the site.

5. The company may change/update/amend the policy without prior notification of the user. Upon such change/update/amendment, after the new version is published on the site, it takes power immediately. If the user continues to use the site after the new version of the policy has occurred, it means that the user automatically accepts the new version of the policy. The new version of the policy means the stretching of all previous data and activities made on the site into the new version.

6. The company may collect, use, change, modify, aggregate, segregate, combine, process, store, distribute personal, financial, and non-personal (such as IP address, location of the user, browser type and version, provider, screen resolution, URL, referring URL, behaviour of the user on the site, as well as its PC and mobile version, logging data, length of using the site by the user and the other activities of the user and technical data) information of the user at own discretion. Such is done for the proper provision of the site’s services to the user by the company and is done in order to make the use of the site seamless and as effective as possible. There are no restrictions in terms of collection, usage, changing, modification, processing, storage, aggregation, segregation, combination, distribution of the information of the user and the company may do it endlessly as soon as finds it necessary for the internal needs of the site and its own goals in managing and running the site.

7. The company uses cookies in order to run the site properly, define the behavior of the user on the site, make it easier to download the separate elements of the site, and show preferred information to the user, and the user agrees to use cookies during the use of the site.

8. The company introduces all means it takes to protect the data of the user and the company itself during operating the site. It means that the company applies all efforts, including technical, to preserve the user data safe and secure. However, there is no 100% safe method of transmitting and storing of the data through the Internet and that is why the user understands that his or her data may be altered, destructed, deleted or anyhow other modified during the use of the site and uses it at own risk and discretion.

9. The user data is disclosed only in a limited number of cases:
• answering to the official bodies within their reasonable and legal request for these data
• sharing the data to its employees, affiliate partners in the normal work process to run the site properly
• if it is required by the current laws of the country of registration of the company and/or its official bodies
• as the aggregated or other way modified or processed information that is shared with other bodies ad partners or on a public domain as a part of the corporate policy of the company to inform the market about the operation of the site
• in the other cases that are not described above if it is required according to law or legal cases filed against the company or its counterparts, or affiliate partners, or any other case that must require formal disclosure that is not listed in the upper cases.

10. The site uses SSL/HTTPS/another encryption method that makes the data transfer as secure as possible to ensure confidentiality and preservation of the information. However, there are no 100% safe means to transfer data through the Internet and the user understands that continuing to use the site at own discretion and risk.

11. If the user has any complaint on the work of the site, the company or this Policy, the company has to reply the user within 30 working days after the reception of such complaint.