International dating - Terms of Use

1. Read carefully & accept in full before the use of the site.

2. This Terms of Use (hereinafter – “Terms”) is a set of rules defining the use of site (hereinafter – “Site”) & the provider of the site services, registered on BONCOM LLP (hereinafter – “Company”).

3. The user must totally & fully agree to the terms before the use of the site, otherwise, the user shall immediately leave the site. In order to become & stay the active user of the site, the user must obey all conditions that are included in the terms.

4. The site is a database that stores the profiles of men & women from the world & is not a marriage agency. Therefore, we do not provide any matrimonial services & do not offer more than access to user’s profiles & communication with them. We cannot guarantee that every profile is genuine & it is not used by any person with the goal other than finding a date or a partner. Though we check every profile as maximum as we can, there is always a chance that you may encounter on the counterfeit profile. If you do, please inform the company about it using the feedback form on the site.

5. The site is delivered ‘as is’. It means that the company does not bear responsibility for the loss of some or all part of information & data, including your lettering & chatting, photos stored on the site & the other data if it will have error, failure in operation, temporarily halt or cease of operation, including the restoration after any hacker attack on it with any aim. The site may be not error-free & may not be working in a time when you need it, it may be unavailable & the company bears no responsibility for that & the user uses the site at own risk & discretion.

6. The site may be updated, modified, changed & suspended when it is needed to a company without the user’s prior notice & such ones may require reasonable time & efforts, so the site may be unavailable during the updates & the user must acknowledge that risk.

7. The access of the user to the site may be suspended if the company finds that the user violates the current terms.

8. The company may change/suspend/stop/modify any part of the site & the access of the user to it, temporary or continuously without prior notice of the user & any liability for that. The company makes all works on the site at own discretion & the user is advised to check the updates of the site to stay up-to-date with it. The user is also notified that the use of the site must be for the personal non-commercial purposes. The user must adhere to the terms at all times when using the site.

9. Contact data of the user must not be disclosed or transferred to the other users in any way except for indicating it in the proper fields destined to collect the user contact data. The contact data is a phone, e-mail, social network profiles, information used in any other communicative online or offline services. The user is prohibited to pass or disclose such information by means of text messages, photos, public or private fields of the profile not destined for that.

10. The person must be 18 or over 18 years old to use the site.

11. Some services & parts of the site may require a fee for their use. Paying them, the user agrees to use such services ‘as is’. The fees paid are not refundable at all cases. The payment is nominated in a currency defined by the site & the company. The site may use specific payment systems to pay fees, including these that may collect or disclose the user’s personal or financial information.

12. The user must realize & understand that the site does not guarantee full anonymity or privacy, including during the registration, the use & amendment of the use of the site. Some or all parts of your personal, financial, and/or technical information may be used by the site & the company as it is stated in the Privacy Policy.

13. The site & the company does not control the fullness of any user profile & the information it contains, does not carry responsibility for that & the user must understand that he or she uses the site at own discretion & risk as his or her counterpart, as the other user of the site, may use the information received from the user to pursue own goals & aims, including fraudulent ones.

14. The site reserves the right to monitor all data & information located on the site, including personal messages, to make the better performance of the site & for the other reasons that site pursues.

15. Every user using the site is obliged to use it for non-profitable, non-commercial purposes, not violating the laws of his country, the country of legal registration of the site or/and the company, as well as the laws of the country of the other user he or she is in contact with, do not modify/destruct/mutilate/alter anyhow else the data on the site using specific (including harmful) software not distributed by the site directly to make harm to the site or to gain any benefit from such, including financial one. The user must use the site’s services to entertain oneself & to find love/relationship matches as it is destined by the site, not pursuing any other goals. If the user violates any rules of the site, the company may temporarily or continuously suspend the access of the user to the site with or without deletion of the user’s profile.

16. The user must come up with the safe password to the own profile on the site & do not give or disclose it to anyone, including employees of the company, in all cases.

17. The site cannot guarantee that the use of the site’s services will lead to successful finding a pair/lover/love/any other match for the user.

18. If you are dissatisfied with the services provided by the site, you shall discontinue using the site immediately. No previously paid fees are refundable.

18. If you are dissatisfied with the services provided by the site, you shall discontinue using the site immediately. No previously paid fees are refundable.

The legal data of the company that you may refer to when having any claims is as follows:
WTC 1CV New London House, 6 London Street,
United Kingdom